General Information

As a Payment Service Provider PayFort offers interesting payment services for SME and corporate customers with a customer base in the arabic area. The product focusses primarily on SME clients, who want to offer specific payment methods for the arabic area, where card payments may not be the first choice payment method for your clients.

PayFort distinguishes two different packages :

  • SME account for small to medium clients that just started their online store
  • Coorporate account or larger businesses or those wanting to offer the optimal payment experience to their customers. Offers total control over the payment interface and advanced options such as multi-currency, batch processing, enhanced fraud protection, etc.

Feature Map

In the following chart you can find a compilation listing which Barclaycard ePDQ package supports which of the payment processing methods of the sellXed modules.

Processing Method SME account Coorporate account
Payment Page / Dynamic Template
Hidden Authorisation (OnePageCheckout)
Server Authorisation (Direct Link)
Alias Manager

Purchase the Module

All payment modules were developed in close corporation between PayFort and sellXed in order to guarantee to use all the features.

The Barclaycard modules can easily be ordered in our shop. After successful payment, the download is automatically cleared in your customer account.

Additional Information

For more information visit PayFort Website.