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General Information

As an online shop merchant you can process the majority of payment methods with the Accpentance E-payment solution. Acceptance offers two pre-configured products which differ in payment processing methods and transaction management methods.

  • PayTool eCommerce: PayTool eCommerce offers integration via Payment Page with forwarding from your shop to the external payment site of Acceptance.
  • PayTool Comfort: PayTool Comfort offers a professional E-Payment solution for highly demanding E-Commerce applications.

Feature Map

The following table gives an overview over all features of the sellXed payment modules which the Acceptance PayTool product can be used with.

Processing Method PayTool eCommerce PayTool Comfort
Payment Page / Dynamic Template
Hidden Authorisation
Server Authorisation
Alias Manager

Purchase of the Module

customweb and its sellXed payment methods belong to the official PayTool software partners. The payment modules are explicitly recommended by PayTool for usage. The modules can all be easily ordered in our shop. After successful payment the download is automatically cleared in your customer account.

Further Information

For further information as well as for information on the price please consult