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Swisscom Health AG

General Information

Would you like to offer payment by invoice including credit rating and payment by instalment directly in your shop? Swisscom Health AG makes it possible.

Purchase on Account - Also in B2B

With the installation of the plugin and a contract with Swisscom Health AG you can easily offer invoicing in your online shop for all of Switzerland. The products can be compiled according to your needs. You can choose if you want the invoice to be sent by e-mail or by post or if you want a credit rating to be done in advance.

Additionally, Swisscom Health AG also offers the product 'Factoring'. With our 'Factoring' service, Swisscom Health AG takes over the responsibility for the invoice - your payment is therefore guaranteed.

Never loose an invoice again thanks to the intelligent profiles.

The clever Rule Engine within Swisscom Health AG guarantees that you won't loose any invoices. You can create different profiles for different customer groups. You can then specify for which of these groups you want the credit check to be carried out or not. This allows you to be able to offer the entire spectrum of purchase on account in a B2B environment. For each case you decide individually if the order should be processed or not.

  • Create different profiles for different customers
  • Process invoices directly from the within the shop or the Swisscom Health AG Middle Layer
  • Choose if you want to send the invoice by e-mail or post
  • Regular payment onto your account, if required with risk assumption

Installment Payment

With installment payment in your online shop you offer the customer an easy and well arranged presentation of the plan as well as the conclusion of the installment contract directly online. The consent to purchase on installments occurs immediately online without the customer having to hand in any documents or have to come by personally. After given consent the customer will automatically receive the installment plan and the correct payment slips.

  • Online-Licensing procedures and calculation of the installment plan in real-time
  • Clear and well-arranged presentation of the installment plan in the shop with all arising costs
  • Immediate release of the amount in desired amount
  • Automated dispatch of the invoice and the payment slips
  • 100% payment guarantee for you as an online-merchant

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