General Information

With support through Wirecard any electronic payments from companies can be concluded. Wirecard is responsible for transnational and transparent payment processing. With Wirecard's gateway you can work with credit cards as well as other payment methods.

Wirecard offers two different options to integrate their package:

  • Wirecard Checkout Page
  • Wirecard Checkout Seamless

The main difference is the presentation and integration of the payment mask. With the option “Wirecard Checkout Page”, the authorization is made with a redirection to the Wirecard site, while the payment form can be operated PCI conform by the retailer with the option “Checkout Seamless” - without a redirection to Wirecard.

Feature Map

In the following chart you can find a compilation listing the compatibility between the features of the sellXed payment modules and the different Wirecard packages.

Processing Method Checkout Page Checkout Seamless
Payment Page / Dynamic Template
Hidden Authorization
Server Authorization
Alias Manager

Purchase the Module

With its sellXed payment modules, customweb belongs to Wirecard's official software partners. Wirecard explicitly recommends these payment modules in this combination.

You can order all Wirecard modules through our shop without any problems. After successful payment the download will be activated in your customer account automatically.

Further Information

For further information and pricing please consult: http://www.wirecard.de/