France: new payments platform for online merchants

France: new payments platform for online merchants

Friday, May 23, 2014

France’s digital transaction services platform for e-payments, Worldline, an auxiliary to one of Europe’s biggest payment processors Atos, has forged a strong partnership with the open-source plugin development experts, customweb Ltd. and are set to launch next generation e-payment solutions, Sips.

The partnership promises to bring to e-merchants a quick and efficient solution to install the Sips payment gateway onto e-commerce websites, making full savings in development hours.

In 2013, Worldline announced continued investment in high-tech transactional services Sips e-payment solutions 1.0 gateway in France, promising enhancements such as state-of-the-art management and administration services and simplified payment activation for small retailers, fraud reduction using transaction score analysis, and technical functional solutions enhancing cross-channel buying for merchants with remote payment plan.

45,000 e-merchants already integrated

The Sips payment solution is already popular in Europe, used by 45,000 e-merchants, processing 440 million transactions in 2013. But with this new partnership on the way, customweb Ltd. are helping to evolve the system technicalities further with the Sips 2.0 gateway, now a newer and global product. As well as providing a multi-channel environment, Sips 2.0 grants multiple currencies for international payments and benefits from a strong and secure community provision of anti-fraud tools, as well as enabling merchants to use directly the services for their shopping carts.

The customweb payment platform brand is called SellXed, a playful verb blending of sell and relax capturing the platform’s philosophy in service to e-commerce retailers. The company has developed 17 plugins for open-source shopping carts, allowing merchants to be as dynamic as their customer’s spending habits; there’s BCMC in Belgium, iDEAL in Holland and in Germany, Sofortüberweisung, with each plugin featuring one-click payments expediting customer payments and transaction conveniences.

Use the 2.0 gateway within minutes

Co-founder at customweb, Sascha Krüsi told Evigo that: “The main value of the partnership between us and Atos is the fact that the customers are now ready to use a gateway within minutes. We offer the customers a plugin, a distinctive piece of software which they can download directly from our website, put it into their shop, enter the merchant ID and everything’s been set-up. Everybody’s able to integrate the Worldlin SIPS 2.0 gateway within minutes.”

Mr. Krüsi adds that alongside the software the company offer a support contract so the merchant can call if they experience problems with the integration, giving them the right to access updates and upgrades; “if there’s any technical issues or any additional features that become available they’re immediately available in the gateway.” Says Mr. Sascha Krüsi. “For the customers it’s a lot easier to use the gateway right now. You receive the contracts from Worldline and organize the plugins from us.”

Go-To-Market Product Manager Merchant Services for e- and m-commerce, Johan Wullus says that the Worldline company are already a well established market leader in the Benelux for terminals as well as the Sips payment platform. “We’re still building new features, we are trying to simplify a number of operations for the end-user to make it easier to use.” Mr. Wullus tells Evigo. “Our project is to go further and to establish ourselves as a leader in this area, not just in the Benelux, using the 2.0 platform and enhancing the number of features that we can make available to customers.”