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5 Steps

5 Steps to Reach Your Goal

The sellXed payment modules allow you to easily accept payments in your web-shop - without any kind of programming skills. In addition to the payment module for your shop, you also gain access to an extensive service package as well as to our updates and upgrades. With payment modules from sellXed you can easily accept payments in your web-shop without requiring any great programming knowledge. Besides the payment module for your online-shop, you gain access to a comprehensive service package as well as to our newest updates and upgrades. All of this with a money-back guarantee.

We strive to make payment processing in your online-shop as easy as possible. The acceptance of payments by credit card, debit card, eWallets, bank payments, etc. has never been as simple as with the sellXed payment modules by customweb. With just 5 steps you can reach your goal.

We do not offer test versions. However, we promise that the modules work in your shop. If not, you will get your money back.


Choosing the Payment Service Provider

In order to process credit card transactions, you require a contract with a Payment Service Provider (PSP) and with various Acquirers. The Payment Provider is needed so that you do not have to program an individual gateway for each Acquirer. The PSP therefore works as a gateway by bundling the connections to the various Acquirers. Further information concerning the involved parties in an online payment can be found under How It Works.

At first glance everything may seem a little complicated. In case of questions concerning contracts with the various PSPs and Acquirers, we will gladly give you more information by phone or email. Additional important information in order to get started can be found here:


Integration in the Shop

No programming skills are needed in order to integrate our payment modules. The detailed installation manual that is included in the download folder and available on our website will guide you through the installation and configuration step by step. If you don't feel like installing it yourself, we will gladly take care of it for you within a maximum of two work days.


Activate Account

As soon as all tests have been successful, you can activate your account. Please consult our checklist on the activation of accounts as well as on other important information.


Still can't make up your mind?

In our Showcase you can find a collection of online shops that are already using the sellXed service.

Any Questions?

We offer included support

Do you have prior questions or have you encountered problems during the integration? We will gladly help you.