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Payment Processing

Payment Processing

The credit card, bank and debit card payments your receive every day with your sellXed payment module can be authorised and processed in various ways.

You have the choice between several authorisation methods. They vary, above all, in regards to their design and the shopping experience of your customer. Furthermore, you can process placed and authorised orders in different ways. These topics are part of the transaction management.

Which authorisation methods are supported for your specific module can be found in the listing of the product features at the end of the product description in our shop.


Choose the Right Authorisation Method

Different business models make different demands on the design and the integration of the payment module in the online shop. You have the choice between three different options of payment processing. They differ primarily in their presentation and integration method in your shop. Certain processes also have higher safety requirements for your server infrastructure. The different operating methods are described in detail on the following pages:


Manage your transactions directly within the administration interface of your shop

Most of the sellXed payment modules allow you to comfortably manage the transactions of specific orders directly within the administration interface of your shop.


Still can't make up your mind?

In our Showcase you can find a collection of online shops that are already using the sellXed service.

Any Questions?

We offer included support

Do you have prior questions or have you encountered problems during the integration? We will gladly help you.