Magento 2.0 – Payment Modules

Magento 2.0 – Payment Modules

6. July 2015

This year's Magento 2 release is eagerly awaited. At the time of writing, the project has Developer Beta status. It is already clear that the extensions for Magento 1 are incompatible with Magento 2. Hence, we need to revise all of our 70 Magento extensions to make them work with the new version. Let us show you a few of the changes coming with Magento 2 and what our development state is. Please bear with us if any malfunctions oc-cur during your tests, it is work in progress.

What's new in Magento 2?

  • Since release of the development version, Magento 2 is available on github. In the last couple of days, the number of commits has decreased which hints at a stabilization
  • Magento 2 has a new file structure which omits the base theme. All base views are integrated in to module's structure. The purpose of this restructuring was to make all developers exclusively use the views which are also relevant for custom themes.
  • Prototype was replaced by jQuery.
  • Instead of factory methods, Magento 2 now uses full class namespaces. This me-ans you will have to call Mage::getModel(‘Mage_Catalog_Model_Product’); instead of Mage::getModel(‘catalog/product’);
    The eav_* tables are also transformed to real class names. However, Magento provides some assistance for developers, there remigration tools which can be found at dev/tools/migration under factory_names.php und factory_table_names.php.
  • With Magento 2, all shops will be upgraded. They will be faster, more secure and easier to run. Full page caching is now available for the Magento 2 Community Edition
  • Version 2 includes HTML 5 and an improved CSS preprocessor, according to the latest standards. In addition, installing upgrades is now easier and more customer friendly.
  • Another useful new feature is the decoupling of frond and back-end store logic. This makes tests easier and less risky to perform. Magento 2 offers test scripts for the front end development which help to make it more modular and thus more flexible

Our Current Status

We already started to develop extensions for Magento 2. All sellXed modules will be up-dated in time for the release of Magento 2. If you have a valid contract, you will be able to simply download the upgrade from your account as usual. We will deliver both versions for Magento in the same packet.

To shorten the time until the release, we uploaded a demo for Magento 2:

If there are any small errors on first try please understand that this is a beta version.

We will keep you updated on the latest developments regarding Magento 2 on our blog and our social media. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


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