Licensing Model

Our Licensing Model

By purchasing a payment module in our shop you acquire a license, unlimited in time. In order for you to be able to work in the framework of what is legally permitted it is therefore important that you are informed about the regulations of our license contract.

The License

The license contract that is concluded between you and customweb Ltd. during the order process can be viewed here. You acquire a non-exclusive user license, unlimited in time.

Do I Need a License for Each of My Shops?

It depends. The license is not connected to the number of domains but to the number of shops. If you are working with a system with integrated multi-shop functionality such as Magento and PrestaShop, you can operate several shops over one administration interface. In such a case only one license has to be purchased despite having several websites.

In case you are working with several different shop administrations and therefore need multiple copies of the module, a license is needed for each shop. Please contact us for scaled pricing.

How Does This Apply to Test Systems?

You are permitted to operate one copy of the module on one (1) test system. During checkout, please enter the shop URL for the test system in addition to the live URL.