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Barclaycard ePDQ

Please read this first:

Barclaycard used to have products called ePDQ CPI and ePDQ MPI, both of which are now obsolete. The up to date ePDQ product types are shown below and sellXed modules have been developed exclusively for them. If you’ve received a merchant account identifier “PSPID”, then your account will be compatible with our modules.

General Information

With the e-payment solutions of Barclay you as an online shop merchant can process all common payment methods. There are significant differences between the packages in regards to the supported authorization and transaction methods.

Barclaycard differentiates between three solution packages:

  • ePDQ essential: Suitable for businesses starting their online shop, or with lower levels of online sales. Also available in Pay As You Go version with no monthly fee or minimum billing.
  • ePDQ extra Best for businesses growing their online sales. More features and options to change the look and increase the functionality of your payment page. Also available in Pay As You Go version with no monthly fee or minimum billing.
  • ePDQ extra plus: For larger businesses or those wanting to offer the optimal payment experience to their customers. Offers total control over the payment interface and advanced options such as multi-currency, batch processing, enhanced fraud protection, etc.

Feature Map

In the following chart you can find a compilation listing which Barclaycard ePDQ package supports which of the payment processing methods of the sellXed modules.

Processing Method ePDQ essential: ePDQ extra ePDQ extra plus
Payment Page / Dynamic Template
Hidden Authorisation (OnePageCheckout)
Server Authorisation (Direct Link)
Alias Manager (Tokenisation)

Purchase the Module

All payment modules for Barclaycard are developed and tested in cooperation with Barclaycard.

The Barclaycard modules can easily be ordered in our shop. After successful payment, the download is automatically cleared in your customer account.

Further Information

Further information on the product can be found directly with Barclaycard