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Sage Pay

General Information

Sage Pay differentiates between two gateway packages. The scope of functionalities between the individual packages in regards to the authorization and processing methods are identical. Differences can be found merely in the choice of available payment methods.

Sage Pay offers three different Authorization Methods:

  • Server Integration (via Payment Page): The authorization occurs on an externally hosted Payment Page of Sage Pay
  • Server Integration (via InFrame): The payment page is loaded within the layout of the shop. The customer does not leave the shop during the payment process
  • Direct Integration: The payment process takes place in the background between the shop and Sage Pay. This Authorization Method requires an additional PCI-certification of your shop system

Feature Map

In the following chart you can find a compilation listing the compatibility between the features of the sellXed payment modules and the different Sage Pay packages.

Processing Method Server (via Payment Page) Server (via InFrame) Direct
Payment Page / Dynamic Template
Hidden Authorization
Server Authorization
Alias Manager

Purchase the Module

customweb and its sellXed payment modules belongs to the preferred software partners of Sage Pay. The payment modules are specifically recommended by Sage Pay for usage and are developed in close cooperation with Sage Pay. The sellXed modules therefore are official Sage Pay payment modules.

A detailed description of the various products can be found in our shop. All Sage Pay modules can be ordered directly online and are automatically cleared for download once the payment has been effected.

Further Information

Further information can be found directly on the product pages of