Evo E-Pay


General Information

EVO E-Pay provides payment solutions for e-commerce. The EVO E-Pay payment platform gives you international payment security as well as secure payment methods with a payment guarantee. The strength of EVO's gateway is the support of a large variety of international payment methods (such as Alipay, VISA, AMEX, etc.) that can be processed through the gateway.

Feature Map

In the following chart you can find a compilation listing the compatibility between the features of the sellXed payment modules and the different EVO E-Pay packages.

Processing Method EVO E-Pay Gateway
Payment Page / Dynamic Template
Hidden Authorisation
Server Authorisation
Alias Manager

Purchase the Module

With its sellxed payment moduls, customweb belongs to EVO E-Pay's official software partners. EVO E-Pay explicitly recommends all sellxed payment modules for usage.

All EVO E-Pay Payment Modules can be purchased from our shop. Once payment has been completed successfully, the download will be activated in your customer account automatically.

Further Information

For further information and pricing please visit the EVO E-Pay product site: https://www.evopayments.eu/home/