General Information

The payment service provider mPAY24 offers cost-efficient and secure access to a wide variety of payment systems at the highest levels of reliability, performance and response time. Security, system availability and efficiency are of paramount importance for mPAY24.

Online merchants get free advice from the mPAY24 team of payment specialists regarding the selection of payment systems and administrative issues such as the merchant contracts with credit card
companies and banks.

In addition to the comprehensive PCI DSS certification, mPAY24 has been certified in accordance with the EURO-Label for e-commerce, received the Internet Seal of the Austrian Trade Association and has been awarded the
E-Government Seal of the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria.

The mPAY24 modules available from sellXed simplify the implementation process and therefore reduce time-to-market as much as possible.

mPAY24 Payment Modules

Feature Map

The sellxed payment modules for mPAY24 offer a wide variety of features to use with the gateway. All of the above mentioned modules support at leaset the below listed features "out of the box". To get an exact overview of what your shopping cart modules supports visit the products page using the links above.

Further Information

For further information and pricing please visit the official mPAY24 product site: